New year, New Trends. What’s coming in the language expert world in 2023?

New year, New Trends. What’s coming in the language expert world in 2023?

A new year is coming, as also new trends for language experts. How do people relate? How do they work? How do they consume media?

Some ideas to start planning your next success.

Styles of consumption are constantly shifting. How do people relate? What is their way of working? Do they consume media? As people incorporate a digital mindset that is cross to all generations, new experiences become widespread. Demands and standards raise the bar.

Differentiated products and interfaces are baseline blueprint. Not to mention political and consumer activism have become a weight variable when it comes to consumption. These macro currents along with enduring consumer tendencies must be addressed.

But how?

ADM data shows that 63 percent of global consumers are interested in food and drink products that are customized to meet their individual nutritional needs.Personalization considers individual motivations and needs that reflect taste, culture and other approaches that align with one’s lifestyle. You may be thinking about the wellness of your business, but people expect you to consider their personal wellness and specific needs.

From demanding that companies practice fair and humane treatment of the people and animals involved in every aspect of production, to the final product addressing them by their first name and in their language. Almost 30% of global consumers have actively boycotted a product or brand because of its ethical credentials.

Currently, 8% of the United States population is limited English proficient (LEP). That number is expected to grow, as immigration is projected to account for 88% of the United States population increase through 2065.

Almost all target audiences are language diverse, need accessibility measures and have a disability of sorts (be it permanent or temporal, like a broken arm). There are at least 350 languages spoken in U.S. homes. The LEP, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing populations grow. Language support is essential for all major industries, from healthcare to financial services and business to public services. Be it for subtitling, voice over, over the phone interpretation, localization of packaging, enabling multiple versions of one website, or adapting it to specific profiles. We must at least consider it.

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