Nurse Aide

Nurse Aide

Job Description: NURSE AIDE

Job Summary:

In a home care agency, the Nurse Aide (NA) is a paraprofessional member of the home care team who would work directly under the supervision and direction of the Service Supervisor and provides various services for the client. The majority of which would be a personal care and activities of daily living.


Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have a minimum of a High School Diploma. Must have at least one year of experience in the healthcare profession preferred. Must be listed on the NA registry. Must have at minimum, two (2) satisfactory references from previous employers.

Must display good emotional health and be able to physically tolerate much standing, bending, stooping, and heavy lifting within guidelines and teaching provided by the state of North Carolina. Must be able to read, follow written instructions and document the care given. Should demonstrate flexibility in acceptance of assignments and a cooperative attitude toward providing services. Must meet all agency requirements.

General Responsibilities:

1. In a home care agency, performs only under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, who has provided written instructions for client care (POC).

2. Assists client in all activities of daily living/hygiene assistance, bathing, grooming, and linen changes as outlined in the POC.

3. Prepares nutritious meals within the patient’s diet and assists the client with eating when necessary.

4. Assists clients with transfers, ambulation, and exercises under the guidelines of the RN or PT when warranted and documented in POC.

5. Performs light housekeeping chores, which facilitates the client’s self-care in the home.

6. Assists client in the bathroom, with the use of the bedpan and performs incontinence care.

7. Answers clients’ calls and attends to their requests promptly.

8. Meets the safety needs of the client and uses equipment safely and properly.

9. Completes records and carries out all assignments as required.

10. Notifies the Service Supervisor or Director of any acute or pertinent changes in a client’s condition.

11. Communicates availability to work to the coordinator on a weekly basis or as requested.

12. Maintains confidentiality regarding the client’s condition and his/her family, except for the Agency.

13. Performs all skills and procedures competently and within. The regulations and licensing laws of the state, Agency policies, and other applicable federal and state laws.

This job description represents a list of the duties and responsibilities and gives examples of the variety and general nature of this position for the Nurse Aide.

I have read and understand the information presented in the Nurse Aide job description.

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